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These past two weeks you have been working with two themes that are intertwined. How does our Faith effect the way we think about money and making a plan for your future. It is almost impossible for anyone to make a plan for their future without bringing money into the equation. Whether it is a new job, vacation or road trip; money seems to be a necessary part of every plan. The question is: How much should money effect the way we make plans?

When Jesus first sent out his disciples he told them to take no extra money with them, which required a demonstration of Faith. But Jesus also had a very clear plan of what they were going to do and how they were going to do it with the resources they had. Jesus was about getting people to realize that the earthly things that we seek to give us emotional peace and freedom, often provide us the opposite. This is why He called us to pursue heavenly things.

When you started making your plan for how you are going to be on Mission at your college campus, how much did money play into it? How much more time did you spend in the past couple weeks thinking about the money you had versus the MISSION you are called to?

In your post below share not only where you are at in terms of making your plan for Mission when you get to college, but also how much of a factor money is in the planning process!