There is a weekly ceremony I believe most of us are familiar with.  This ceremony happens on the weekend and it gathers families from all over.  This is a weekly ceremony many families look forward to.  In fact, would you believe that 45 million kids in the United States attend this weekly ceremony?  After all, in the end this ceremony is for them.  The kids dress up for this ceremony, ensuring they wear the right outfit.  Families travel from different places, but converge together for this ceremony that lasts a little over and hour depending on where you go or which one you take part in.  People shout, cheer and praise with excitement during the ceremony.  Their hearts filled with joy and passion as the ceremony goes on.  As the ceremony comes to a close, families often stay and talk for a bit, but eventually go their separate ways as they eagerly await next week’s ceremony.  In fact, most families who attended the ceremony will be spending a significant amount of time talking about it long after the ceremony has ended.  Have you guessed it?  What I have just described for you is a youth sporting event.

Now before I continue, I want everyone to know I have been heavily involved in youth sports my whole life.  In fact, I coach club soccer and it actually represents a pretty important part of my annual income.  I am not here to tell you that these things are bad or to stop doing them.  I just want to ask an important question:  Do we have the same excitement and passion for the Saturday morning soccer game as we do the Sunday morning Church service? 

As followers of Jesus it is important we recognize that we have not devoted ourselves to a ceremony, but rather a KING.  The Sunday morning ceremony can certainly be an important part of that, but in the end it is Jesus we are serving.  So what is it we celebrate with more enthusiasm?  The fact that Jesus is KING or the fact that we have a tournament this weekend? 

This is a question I still need to ask myself and it’s not just youth sports.  It is the new movie that is out in theaters, the great GPA, the concert for our favorite musician.  We must ask ourselves who do we bow down and submit ourselves to? 

The center-piece to the Gospel is this:  JESUS IS KING (Acts 2, John 12)  The idea of a king is something that is strange to us because we live in a Constitutional Republic with democratically elected leaders.  Here is the greatest difference:  You do NOT vote for a King, you SERVE a King. 

So how are we serving this King named Jesus?  It is not enough to proclaim Jesus is King, this proclamation demands action and response.  It demands we go on mission for our King and fight the injustice that exists in this world through love.  So where can we go on mission?  Simple, think of the places you go every day.

Work, school, practice, movies, tournaments on weekends……all are potential mission fields for our King.  But what does mission look like in these places?  How do I go on Mission for Jesus? 

These are the questions I want you to answer and discuss in the comments below. 

Remember that all of us, including ministry leaders and pastors, are trying to get better at being intentional and on mission for Jesus every day!



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