Jacob marino- ministry director & pastor, DISCIPLE MAKER

Jacob comes from the hilly forests of Maine and moved to Lancaster after High School to attend Lancaster Bible College where he earned his B.S. in Sports Management & Ministry and later attended Capital Seminary & Grad School where he earned his Masters in Organizational Leadership.  Before he was a youth pastor he worked and directed camp ministries. He directed many programs and activities, using the experiences to hone his abilities to disciple youth better.  He is also a licensed wilderness trip leader and led wilderness programs/trips for many years in Maine.

Jacob grew up with a passion for soccer. He currently coaches varsity soccer at Penn Manor High School and club soccer at Penn Legacy.  He also is a licensed coach with both the U.S. Soccer Federation and the NSCAA.

He loves any and everything outdoors. Fishing. Camping. Canoeing. Kayaking. Anything that gets his heart pumping (and out of the office).

He loves his work and spending time with youth- helping them be more like Jesus and training disciple makers to fulfill the mission we are called to.


Erin Bailey.JPG


Erin is a Lancaster native and a graduate of Lancaster Mennonite High School.  Erin brings a great deal of experience to our ministry.  After High School Erin lived in Costa Rica where she did a great deal of missions work.  She studied the Bible, coached soccer clinics and invested in the lives of many kids in Costa Rica.  Erin returned to the U.S. where she continued her studies at Lancaster Bible College in cross cultural ministries   Erin is a very artistic person who loves the outdoors.  Hiking, kayaking, and exploring make up what would be a great day for her!  Top it off with a Mt. Dew slushy and you've made it perfect.  More than anything else, Erin has a passion for impacting the lives of young men and women for Christ!  




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Debbie is pretty much a local celebrity. She's been involved in the youth ministry for twenty one years. She lives in Millersville with her husband and two sons. She loves mentoring teenage girls and being a leader in the Process.  In 2008, she set forth on an epic journey to pilot a Girls Ministry.  She finds it rewarding helping the girls discover their confidence and worth in Jesus. She works as a para-educator, specializing in helping children struggling with autism.  She loves photography and horseback riding. She volunteers to counsel at a horsemanship camp every summer.  She marvels at what God has done in her life. She hopes to continue to be his hands and feet. 

Her favorite verse is 2nd Corinthians 12:9 "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is perfected in your weakness."



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Eric comes from a long legacy of great Brazilian Missionaries.  His families worked for years contacting tribes out in the jungles, spreading the love and hope of the Gospel far and wide.  They moved to the United States when he was young and made a life for themselves in Lancaster County.  Eric attended Lancaster Bible College where he studied Business & Ministry and also played for the college's soccer team.  Eric is an incredibly talented musician and loves leading worship!  He is outdoors every chance he gets.  He would rather be hiking, canoeing and backpacking rather than sitting in front of a Television.  He has a huge passion for Jesus and loves investing in the lives of young men and women. He will always take the time out of his day to talk with those who need it and work through life’s problems. He considers himself chill and laid back yet very passionate about living a life for Jesus.  Eric is currently married guessed it...Erin Bailey!  Who is also one of our leaders.

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Most people know her as "Tabitha."  Among our students she is known only as…


From an early age she realized she had a greater purpose in the world- to help others know Jesus and become more like him. Studying counselling in college helped her to realize that Jesus is the best way to overcome life's issues. Now she wants to help others realize that.  She has been very active in Missions work in different countries and in the lives of the students she invests in.  Tabitha loves to do pretty much anything that involves adventure.  She is passionate about counseling and mentoring young men and women to become more like Jesus every day.  Tabitha is an incredibly gifted counselor and mentor and is always willing to take time out of her day to sit down and listen to others.  

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Josh is a very devoted follower of Jesus.  After High School, Josh ended up feeling God's calling to stay local and disciple students in The Process.  Josh was a student in The Process for many years and was very devoted to his own discipleship.  In High School Josh played varsity volleyball at Penn Manor High School, which is one of the top volleyball programs in the State.  Josh is now an assistant volleyball coach at the High School as he now has a passion to turn around and passionately invest in the lives of other student-athletes.  Josh is currently continuing his education at Millersville University.

Josh is a gifted small group leader and has an amazing ability of building relationships with students.  He is a committed disciple himself and continues to become better at making disciples everyday!  He is excited about all the growth we are seeing in the lives of students in The Process.